How can I ensure that my pet is taken care of if something happens to me?

When pets outlive their guardians or their guardians are suddenly unable to care for their beloved companion, there are often many questions regarding how the pet will be cared for and by whom. If the unthinkable happens, many people expect that a family member or close friend will care for their animals. But in the absence of any formal agreement, there are no assurances. That’s why it’s always best to plan for your favorite pet’s care while you have the opportunity.

One of the best tools to provide for an animal’s future care is a pet trust. The beauty of a pet trust is that it can directly cater to the needs of each individual animal. First, a pet trust can identify who will care for an animal is the current guardian is no longer able to. It is wise to specify more than one individual and create a line of succession. And before the creating the trust, you will have time to talk to family members or friends to see who is comfortable taking on the responsibility of caring for your animal.

Second, when a pet trust is created, the current guardian can specify not only who will care for an animal, but how that animal will be cared for. The current guardian can allocate funds to cover future food, veterinary care, and other expenses. The current guardian can pass property through the trust, like an animal’s favorite bed or toy. A pet trust can even include instructions about where a dog likes to be taken for a walk, or how a cat loves to chase a special toy around for hours.

If you want to ensure that your animal is in good hands after you’re capable of caring for them, contact Ryther Law Group, LLP, and speak to them about setting up a pet trust today. Pet trusts are an affordable way to give you peace of mind that your animal will always be in good hands no matter what happens.