What to do if Your Dog is Shot by a Law Enforcement Officer?

To many of us, dogs are members of our family. Losing a family member due to a shooting by a law enforcement officer can be shocking and devastating. During this extremely trying time, one has to make critical decisions that can impact the opportunity to seek justice for your canine companion down the road. Immediately after a shooting, there are several important steps that need to be taken. Although it is difficult to think clearly after experiencing something so traumatic, the moments immediately following a shooting are crucial.

Even if you have not decided to file suit to seek justice for the death of your four-legged friend, it is wise to preserve evidence so you have the option of pursuing a case at a later date.

The first and most important thing to do is to demand that Animal Control NOT dispose of your canine companion’s body, and to specify that the body be preserved on ice. Thinking of your canine companion in this manner is devastating but this request is necessary to maintain the integrity of your case.

Second, arrangements for an INDEPENDENT necropsy need to be made immediately. A necropsy is like an autopsy, but for an animal. Do NOT let Animal Control perform the necropsy on your dog even if they offer to do it for free.

Finally, make arrangements to have your dog picked up from Animal Control. Either pick up your dog yourself or arrange for a trusted representative to do so, and transport the dog to wherever the necropsy will be performed. Let the person performing the necropsy know that you need a full necropsy “in anticipation of litigation.”

If you are considering filing suit for a violation of your civil rights, contact an attorney. Your attorney will need to do an immediate preservation of evidence letter along with a formal records request. If you are in California, you may contact Ryther Law Group, LLP, and we can handle every aspect of your case. www.rytherlawgroup.com